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Getting Started with the Azteeg x5 Mini


Getting started with the x5

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The x5 is programmed only with a bootloader. The actual program is loaded from the memory card after a reset. All that is necessary to update or roll back the firmware is to replace/rename the file in the root directory of the SD memory card.

What you'll need

  • Micro SD card, 2 GB is enough
  • Mini B USB cable
  • Heat sink (included with the x5)
  • Jumpers (included with the x5)

The latest firmware and a sample config file for your style of printer from Smoothieware.org.

Preparing the x5

Install the microstepping jumpers. See the wiring diagram for details.

Preparing the SD card

Save the firmware to a file named firmware.bin in the root directory of the SD card. Save the config file to a file named config.txt in the root directory of the SD card. Safely remove the SD card and plug it into the x5.

To test the board with a computer, make sure the INPUT SEL jumper is set to take power from the USB cable.

The x5 will boot up. Look for the firmware. Count and flash the LEDs.

You're done.

Using the x5 with your computer

You can connect to the x5 at any baud rate. If using Windows, you may need to install a serial driver. SmoothieWare drivers. Find more information and download the Windows drivers. Linux and Mac have the required drivers built in. Ignore messages stating that the DFU drivers are missing.

Additional support files

Serial console

If you want to use the x5 with a serial console program, you'll want to enable local echo and linefeed.

Console commands

  • play {/sd/file} - prints the file on the SD card
  • ls /sd- lists the files on the SD card
  • version - displays the current firmware version

Help may be available via IRC at: http://smoothieware.org/irc.


Sample config file

Look here for the latest sample config file.

Kudos and special thanks to Jim Morris, Arthur and the rest of the Smoothieware team for this exceptional product. Thanks guys.


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