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3D Printer Store, Parts and Accessories

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DIY 3D Printer Store, Parts and Accessories. Rostock and Delta 3D printers

Welcome to TriDPrinting, your source for Rostock and Delta 3D printers, parts and accessories.

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BOM (Bill of Materials) for DIY Kossel 3D Printer

See links below for parts to build these 3D printers.
Mini Kossel BOM Kossel Legacy BOM



Go here for some interesting and fun reading about 3D printers and robots.


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BOM (Parts List)

  Kossel Mini
  BOM (Parts List)

  Kossel Legacy
  BOM (Parts List)

Electronics   Stepper Motors   USBtinyISP   Limit Switches
  End Stops
  Connectors, Crimps
  Power Connector
Mechanical Parts   Belts & Gears   Bearings   Kossel Nuts
  Bolts, Screw
  Rods   Rod Ends   Rod Set Screws   Hobbed Drive
  Spool   Fan
Borosilicate Glass
Hot Ends   J Head
  Hot Ends
  5.6, 6.8 Ohm
  Thermistors   Push Fit   Teflon Tube
Printing Supplies   Kapton Tape   Blue Tape
Misc   Heatbed   Kossel Extrusions   Comm Cable   Spectra Line   Split Loom
T-Slot Aluminum Extrusions


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