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DIY 3D Printer Hotend, Resistors


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J Head Hot End Kit

Original, Made by the Inventor
Not Chinese Knock-Off

For 1.75 mm or 3.0 mm Filament

(May be tan or black)

DIY 3D Printer Hotend, Resistors DIY 3D Printer Hotend, Resistors
  • 5.6 Ohm Resistor
  • 100K Thermistor
    Thermistor specs
  • Teflon Tubing for
    Resistor and
  • Lightweight. Prints fast

  • Prints reliably with both ABS and PLA.
    (PLA may require a small fan to
    provide air-flow through the
    cooling vents which are milled
    in the sides of the nozzle holder.)

  • Easily interfaces with the most popular
    RepRap extruders, such as
    Wade's Extuder and Greg Frost's
    Hinged Accessible Extruder

  • Simple design. Number of custom
    machined parts is kept to a minimum.

  • Resistor is used as a heater. No need to
    wrap nichrome wire or to bake a
    heater core.

  • Heat transmission is improved because
    there is no thermal junction where
    a separate heater would screw
    onto the nozzle.

  • .5 mm


    (May be tan or black)
    For 3.0 mm Filament

    .35 mm, .4 mm, .5 mm


    How to Assemble a Hot End



    Power Resistor, RepRap Hot End Heating Element

    DIY 3D Printer J-Head Hotend, Resistors, Teflon Tube For Sale
  • Wirewound
  • Lead Free
  • 5.6 Ohm
  • 5 Watts
  • Tolerance: ±1%
  • Temperature Coefficient: ±50 ppm / ° C
  • Dimension: 0.217" Dia x 0.500" L
    (5.50 mm x 12.70 mm)
  • 3 / $7.95

    6.8 Ohm
  • 3 Watts
  • Tolerance: ±5%
  • Temperature Coefficient: ±75 ppm / ° C
  • Dimension: 0.217" Dia x 0.472" L
    (5.50 mm x 12.00 mm)
  • 3 / $7.95



    DIY 3D Printer Hotend, Resistors

    Sealed High Stability High Temp Thermistors

  • -40 to 270 deg C

  • Small - 1.25 mm diameter

  • Long Leads - over 65 mm

  • Nominal Resistance at 25 C 100K ±1 percent

  • Beta Value @ 25°C 3990K ±1 percent

  • The leads are covered by high temperature plastic tubing and sealed by epoxy

  • 2 / $6.95



    Bowden Push Fit Connector
    for 1.75 mm Filament

    DIY 3D Printer Hotend, Resistors
    m5 Thread
    8 mm Width Across Flats
    Connection Thread R M5 x 0.8
    Fits 1.75 mm Filament
    Weight = 2.4 g
    2 / $5.95

    DIY 3D Printer Hotend, Resistors
    1/8" Thread
    10 mm Width Across Flats
    Connection Thread R 1/8
    Fits 1.75 mm Filament
    Weight = 9 g
    2 / $5.95



    DIY 3D Printer J-Head Hotend, Resistors, Teflon Tube For Sale

    PTFE Teflon Tube

    For 1.75 mm Filament
  • Inside Diameter: 2.0 mm
  • Outside Diameter: 4 mm

  • For 1.75 mm Filament (New Option)
  • Inside Diameter: 1.8 mm
  • Outside Diameter: 4 mm

  • For 3 mm Filament
  • Inside Diameter: 3 mm
  • Outside Diameter: 5 mm

  • Specifications:

  • Density: 2.2 - 2.3 g/cm³
  • Working Temperature: -180° C - +260° C
  • Hardness: 55
  • PH: 0-14
  • Tensile Strength: ≥ 14 MPa
  • Elongation Strength: ≥ 140%

  • 1.5 meters / $7.50


    RepRap, Mendel, Prusa 3D Printers
    PCB Heatbed MK2 Hot Plate

    With Soldered Resistor and LEDs

  • Compatible with: RepRap, Mendel, Prusa and other DIY 3D Printers
  • Dimension: 214 mm x 214 mm (8 3/8" x 8 3/8")
  • Includes a Thermistor
  • Resistor and LED already installed to indicate when power is applied
  • Power Input: 12Vdc or 24Vdc
  • Red Soldermask (both sides)
  • White Silkscreen (both sides)
  • Even Heat Distribution
  • DIY 3D Printer J-Head Hotend, Resistors, Teflon Tube For Sale DIY 3D Printer Hotend, Resistors $19.95

    72 to 152 Watts
    For 12 or 24 volt printers

    We provide you a special option not normally found, a chance to pick the resistance (power level) you desire for your printer.

    We have measured and sorted these MK2 hotbeds by their room temperature resistance which gives us a general idea of the wattage of each.

    These MK2 Hotbeds can be used for both 12 and 24 volt systems. There are two heating circuits on each board. For 12 volt systems, you will run the heating elements in parallel, while 24v dc systems will be wired in series. Instructions are clearly marked on each board.

    Which heatbed should I get?

    We have heard of some customers having trouble with their printer when the heatbed turns on. Usually this is because the heat bed is using more power than the power supply can reliably provide.

    If you have enough power, we would suggest the lower ohm heat beds, as they will heat up more quickly. If you have a less capable power supply, pick a heat bed that is well within its power specs.

    On all of these beds, we like to use a heat spreader like a thin sheet of aluminum between the hotbed and the printing surface.

    Lower Wattage

    We've found that the lower wattage beds struggle to hold the higher temperatures. Insulating the bottom of the board, and possibly covering the unused sections of the top surface can help these boards heat up faster and hold temperature better, especially in the presence of a cooling fan.


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