A simple method for finding the center of a DIY 3D printer.There are two kinds of people in this world - those who like to be surprised and those who like to wait for what they know is going to happen.
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How to Find the Center of a Delta 3D Printer


Finding the center of a 3D printer can be a challenge. Here is an easy way to accomplish that task for a Delta printer.

  1. If you cannot draw on the surface of the table (build platform), tape a piece of paper to it.

  2. Around one of the towers, attach a necklace chain which has a clasp. A necklace with a clasp works well because, once you have the correct length, you can unclasp it and move it to a different tower. The length will stay the same.

  3. Adjust the length of the chain to just reach to center of the platform. You can do this by tying a knot in the chain or by using a binder clip to pinch the chain together.

  4. Take a pen or pencil and put the tip inside the chain loop. Make the necklace taut and draw an arc on the table or piece of paper on the table.

  5. Unclasp the necklace and move it to the second tower. Repeat the above process.

  6. Do the same for the third tower. The center will be in the middle of the arcs.


How to Find the Center of a Delta 3D Printer
How to Find the Center of a Delta 3D Printer
Center a 3D Printer


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